Case Two: CUNY Online

In March 2022, CUNY announced the creation of CUNY Online, based in the School of Professional Studies, which devoted federal stimulus funds to the creation of an infrastructure that would support the development of asynchronous degree programs across the CUNY system.

In summer 2022, oversight for CUNY Online moved to CUNY Central. Starting in Fall 2022 CUNY began to pursue a contract with an external vendor to support the rapid development of online academic programs. In March 2023, a contract was approved with a third-party vendor to provide up to $7.5m in services to support asynchronous program development.

CUNY Online Initiative

This presentation features CUNY’s rationale for its approach:

Resolution to Authorize a Contract to Provide Services to Support Rapid Development of Online Academic Programs at CUNY

Here is the resolution which was approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees:

Program Documents Distributed from CUNY OAA to Campuses

Here are documents that have been distributed by CUNY’s Office of Academic Affairs to campuses in advance of their development of programs:

Video of Committee on Finance and Administration, CUNY BoT

Here is a discussion of the program at Committee on Finance and Administration, CUNY Board of Trustees, March 6, 2023. The discussion takes place from 12:45-45:00.


Your task ahead of our class meeting on April 20th is to evaluate the presented documents and video — as well as the program website — to identify their implications for educational technology work at CUNY. 

Please check back in this space prior to class on April 20th, as there may be additional readings appended below.